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May 3, 2014 12:00am PDT
: including carter, clinton and obama? >> everybody. bush, everybody. whether it's two-party talks, six-party talks. >> charlie: failed. and part of it is rational people trying to deal with crazies. >> charlie: and the chinese, too, is an element to it. they've got a lot to lose. >> the chinese have been less helpful than they could be. they have a strong interest in getting the issue dealt with. but here's the thing that's always struck me, the north koreans talk all the time about the fact that we're still technically at war with them, legally at war with them, because all we did was sign an arms agreement not a peace treaty. and during the periods where the negotiations were active, they kept saying why won't you declare you're not at war with us? and we say, you know, the usual thing, what you're taught as a diplomat or any kind of negotiator, it's a bargaining chip and we're holding the chip and of course we don't think we're at war with you. my view is bargaining chips you don't get to spend are not worth anything. so why not just say, okay. just say yes. >> charlie: right. and try it.
May 1, 2014 10:00pm EDT
season three is done because i do not want to wait. >> everyone has their own way. president clinton liked the show. ask what does he say? >> they are going to watch it together. >> what are the theater pieces that have influenced you the most? is it shakespeare? >> to some degree, shakespeare. i have not done that much shakespeare. i have really just on richard the second and richard the third. you think about it, but i have never been an actor who has to play a certain part. it has been about what directors want to see me do. some of the most extraordinary experiences i have had have been doing eugene o'neill. the relationship that i was able to develop, and i was able to play his son. or i did "the iceman cometh." it is something about the way in which eugene o'neill attacked the characters he created. the complexities, the alcoholism, the despair. there's something about that. one of the most remarkable writers for whom there was nothing between their heart in -- and the pen. it just came and there was no blockage. they were not afraid to expose and share with an audience. even a
May 1, 2014 12:00pm PDT
together because i don't want to wait. everybody has their own way and president clinton loves that show. he said i can't watch it until hillary can. >> rose: what are the theater pieces you cared most about? is it shakespeare? is it checkov, is it other kinds of things. to some degree shakespeare has had an influence. the only two leading roles i've done are richard ii and richard iii. >> why not more? >> i've never been an actor who coveted oh, i want to play this part, i want to play that part. some of the most extraordinary experiences was gene o'neill. and the relationship i was able to develop with jack lemmon, and i got to play his son, or when i did the ice man cometh or the moon of the misbegotten. there's something about the way in which anneal attacked the characters he created, the complexities of them, the alcohol, the despair. there's something the about one those remarkable writers who seem to be nothing between their heart or pen and tape writer. it just came. there was no blockage. there was nothing they were unfraed to expose and share with an yud'. even with kneel' kne
Apr 26, 2014 10:00pm EDT
served as ambassador-at-large to the former soviet union during the clinton administration, and he has held senior roles on the security council and the state department. he is currently the professor of international diplomacy at columbia and a senior fellow on the council of foreign relations. his new book explores the personalities and little-known stories of foreign policy. it is called "maximalist: america in the world from truman to obama." i am pleased to have steve sestanovich back at the table. great to have you back in the studio. ukraine. >> yeah. >> russia. where are we? >> it seems we're looking at a rolling dismemberment of ukraine. and i think it may turn out to be too strong a statement. i hope so. right now, the way the russians seem to be handling this is to challenge the authority of the ukrainian government and to warn that if they try to assert its authority in the eastern provinces where the support is weaker that russia will respond. respond they will, as the foreign minister said, as they did in georgia in 2008, the threat of war. >> they're threatening war if w
Apr 25, 2014 8:00pm EDT
jonathan me. parnes are wilthe they have written a new book, "hrc." they call hillary clinton's return while the greatest in history. is chief white house correspondent for the hell. i'm pleased to have them at the table for the first time. i said you are the chief, i don't know if you are. to do the bookea at this time, about from two different people? >> that's a good question. we both worked at politico and we were very fascinated and looking at her time in state. it not have been well covered. she has a press corps that traveled with her, but this is a woman who's going to be running for president. we wanted to look into what she did the last four years and see if she was papal bull, if she would pass the test, what voters would look at during her time in state and that's what we did. had done a few stories together and we had a good collaboration. work? does that ande had two computers open i would write a few paragraphs that i could see the edits happening in the file and then she would write a few paragraphs. you conducted some 200 interviews with people about her. was th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)